7 days in Japan

Hello ...

I arrived JP safely since last Sat.

I can't use the internet from my own laptop, I have to wait for student ID card and ip-address to connect the university LAN. It may take 2 weeks... I can use laboratory's PC but i can't type thai here.

I've written the diary in my laptop(in notepad) but it can't read on this PC...maybe in the next day i will copy the text from notepad to word file ... (i've tried some word-files ... thai fonts is ok)

* my nextupdatewill be thedelay periods from days before i departed from Thailand na ka...

yesterday party

just drop by and say hello...sorry if i didn't reply e-mail coz i did reply my mom and nidnoi in English but they can't see any message in my e-mail...i don't know what's wrong!!

* Mom...if you are reading...i'm fine na ka...i will call you again when i got the money na ka ... miss everyone at home very much ka..

* Nidnoi...same na..i will call u again when i have money ... ie ie ... miss u ja .. (i've drop a comment in your diary ... i hope u can read it na)

* I may not drop comments in every page i read ... sorry na ka

** i think my English is getting worse...

** Contact Address

Bess-Somwipa P.

101 Copo M2 2749-5 Ikenobe Miki Kita Kagawa 761-0701 Japan

ポオンマニ  ソミパ-

761-0701 香川県 木田郡 三木町 池戸 2749-5 コ-ポ M2 101 

* mobile phone have to wait for student card ... also next 2 weeks...

miss u jung
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